For over 100 years man has been reaching for the sky and with that effort, great strides were taken during wartime. From the First World War to Iraq, men and women from many nations have taken to the skies in aircraft made from canvas and strings to carbon fibre, using weapons from pistols and rifles to air to air missiles. This website is focused on the aircraft of World War 2. This site now includes the Korean War.

This website is a reference point for those of you who know nothing about World War 2 aircraft. It may be an old war to many of you and now it is history, but we should never forget the sacrifice millions of people made in that great conflict. The aircraft on this website constitute the best aircraft that the major powers had, like the British Spitfire and the Japanese Zero. While this website does not provide indepth information on each plane, it is a starting point, to give you a basic insight into aircraft that now are being flown on thousands of PC's around the world in combat flight simulations. For those of you who know nothing about the great aerial battles fought in the last century, this website will give you a single point of reference, to learn about the planes, pilots and aircrew who fought a War in the Skies.

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Site updated: November, 2019
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*A lot of my material is from various web sites including Wikipedia and the hundreds of books I have on aircraft. While it is not my intent to claim that I have written everything, a lot of the work has been done by my predecessors and to these people I thank. What I am doing here is providing a single point of reference for mainly people interested in the planes most commonly found in Flight Sim games. I also refer to my eShops to sell merchandise to fund this website.
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